Goals for the Last Full Week of School!!!

13 more days, many of them crazy. This week shouldn’t be so bad (knock wood). Last week was NUTS. 2 days of testing, then I had to take my friend’s place in two ARDs because she got hurt playing basketball with the kids, then we had a guest speaker. Two days our schedules got shuffled, and then one night I stayed late for the Teacher of the Year award dinner and ceremony. Not to mention Josh coming home, getting a new oven and having it installed.

This week:

Work on novella
Read through Don’t Look Back. I got my rights back and am going to self-publish it.
Launch party tomorrow night with Trish and Norah for our bundled book set.
Faculty meeting
Help the kids write songs using the iPads
Get used to Josh’s schedule. He’s interning at the local paper for credit, supposedly 20 hours a week.
Blog at the Samhain blog. I haven’t had anything out with them in 2 1/2 years, but I’m still on the blog schedule, so…
Try to get the house in order. Between Josh moving home and kitchen construction, it’s a disaster. Which is why I spend a lot of time outside!


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