What a Week!

My behind is DRAGGING this morning! I didn’t get home from the Teacher of the Year dinner and awards until nine. It was all really nice–dinner at the high school and then awards on stage in the auditorium, along with the best and brightest of the students. The senior who is the valedictorian will be going to UT, and I know her mom, so I introduced her to Josh, just so she will have a contact when she gets up there. Anyway, the principal said some nice things about me, and several parents who were there did as well. Josh was my guest since Fred couldn’t make it, so I think Josh was impressed that people actually like me.

The night BEFORE, we bought an oven, so another long evening. It arrives at the store today, then my WONDERFUL step-dad will install it Sunday. You cannot imagine my excitement. It’s been almost a month with no oven! Would still be, if not for me posting on Facebook and Mom seeing it!

So Josh has been home 3 days and last night was the first I’d really spent with him. He starts his internship on Monday.

Anyway…next year remind me to save more days to take off in May! I always say I will, and I don’t!


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