Goals the Week of Teacher Appreciation

Life is insane. I’m teaching 5th grade this week, the kids who passed. I split them with a tutor, and we have them almost all day. All we do is Social Studies and Art, and even that is like pulling teeth! They’re acting like they’re already on summer vacation! And we put a lot of thought into these plans–the kids went on a field trip last Tuesday around 10:30 and we planned until almost 3, only taking a half-hour for lunch!

I think I have most of what I need for this week–I spent over $50 getting supplies for last week, stuff that made huge messes, btw–tissue paper and corn syrup and food coloring and salt!

May is just crazy. Crazy. And I’m making myself more so by writing 2 short stories this month! Alllllllmmoooosssttt done with the first, which I need to have to my editor tomorrow.

1) Finish short story
2) Get stuff for punch for baby shower/get baby shower gift.
3) Get pots and potting soil for plants I keep buying.
4) Cook more.
5) Exercise more.
6) Go see Iron Man.
7) Go to baby shower.
8) Get Mom’s birthday and Mother’s Day presents. (Her birthday is the day before Mother’s Day. My grandmother’s birthday was the 12th, Mother’s Day.) I have 2 little things for Mom, but want to get something else.
9) Start new short story, book dates with editor and formatter.
10) Edit the first short story when I get it back from the editor!
11) Submit a book to some advertisers.
12) There was something else but I forgot.

This is only part of the crazy, y’all!


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