I’m listening to an audiobook now by one of my FAVORITE authors and, well, I’m ready to call it quits. The couple has no chemistry. She’s attractive, he’s attractive, whatever. They’ve both got interesting backstory. But they don’t belong together. I think it might be that she is too perfect–she can bake and give massage and make jewelry and do yoga and all those bazillionty things, and he’s not really flawed either. Their stories aren’t really tied together–she’s his housekeeper, not really invested in his life. I’m not sure which of these things, if any, is the cause. I’m just bored. I don’t buy the romance, other than convenience, and I don’t really buy the mystery. I’ll finish because it was $14, and I’ve never stopped reading a book by this author, but that’s the only reason.

How do you create good chemistry between characters? How do you define it?


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  1. barbaraphinney
    Apr 29, 2013 @ 07:25:43

    Chemistry between characters is very hard to define. And it’s also subjective. It’s a mix of actions and reactions and how the writer gets it down on paper.


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