Tomorrow–a Very Special Guest Blogger

You know how you have people whose success you want as much as your own? Well, tomorrow I’m going to introduce you to one of those people, Kris Fletcher, whose first Harlequin Superromance is out NOW. Y’all, I met Kris when I lived in my old house, when I got my used Powerbook and first got on the Internet, a la AOL. They used to have message boards, and Kris and I were regular on the goals board and the writing series board. At the time, I had one little one and she had three boys. She’s added two beautiful little girls and I was honored to follow along on her adoption journeys.

She is a multi-Golden Heart finalist, and if you’ve ever been to RWA National, you’ve seen her volunteering in some capacity. I can hear her voice even as I type this.

Never never did she give up her dream of writing, though how she has time or energy to find time escapes me. I was in tears when she sent us the email that she had, after years and faith and hard work, sold to Harlequin. Heck, I’m in tears writing this just now. It was such a dream come true for her, one she worked her butt off for. Tomorrow, she’ll be here to talk about our friendship (which also made me cry) and her Superrromance, but I’ll also add her other book, Call of the Wilder, which she self-published with the help of her loyal agent. So please come back by tomorrow and meet a dear friend whose success I am over the moon for! (Bad sentence, but you get the idea!)




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  1. kris fletcher
    Apr 02, 2013 @ 21:34:45

    Now I’m bawling, too!!!!!!

    Thank you, hon. For everything.


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