Goals the Week Before Easter

We had our monthly game night last night, SO much fun, but I have a teeny wine hangover this AM. It was a really good pinot noir, though. We played Cranium and laughed so much!

This week isn’t as busy, thank goodness. I think we have a meeting after school one day, but it’s our annual Easter egg hunt. Yes, they hide a bunch of plastic eggs on the PE field and we go look for them. They put numbers in them and if you get a number, you get a chocolate bunny or maybe a gift card or a free jean day (I’d rather have that than the bunny!)

Also, I’m doing in-depth writing with 4th grade, preparing them for the test the following week.

And Josh is coming home for the weekend on Friday!

So this week:

1) Revisions on Cowboy’s Courtship
2) Work on post-apoc
3) meet with sprinkler repairman
4) sew something
5) Keep up house

See? Not too bad.


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