Goals for the Week Before Spring Break

I can do this, right? I got the short story done on time, made progress on that blasted novella…and this week should not be as crazy. I feel better prepared for my teaching this week, and it helps knowing in 5 days, I can be a hermit. BUT Fred is on vacation this week, and that may throw a hitch in things. On the plus side, he can cook 🙂

1) Finish novella. No kidding this time. I need to finish my post-apoc over Spring Break and get back on schedule. This novella was not supposed to be written yet.

2) an after-school meeting on Monday. There may be more, but I’ve not seen the calendar for the week yet.

3) Make a couple of appointments.

That’s it. I’m not pushing too hard, except on the novella! I finished my Rita reading last week, too, so no pressure from there.


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