Audible–What to Buy Next?

I put my Audible account on hold a couple of months ago because I was kinda backlogged on listening. I still kinda am–I’m listening to one of Jill Shalvis’s Lucky Harbor books, I have her Animal Magnetism, and Toni Anderson’s Dangerous Waters still to listen to, and Pride and Prejudice and another book I got for free.

The account started back up again this week and I got a new credit, and I’m not sure what to do with it.

Nora has a new book next month, but I’ll get another credit next month.

I could get the next Lucky Harbor book.

I could get the next Virgin River book (I’m so so so so so far behind in that one!)

I could get Raylan, the Elmore Leonard book that came out last year. The reason I haven’t yet is because both Boyd and Arlo are dead in the books, and they’re my favorite characters.

I could get SEP’s latest, something I’ve hesitated to do since I didn’t enjoy the connected book.

I could get the next Sookie Stackhouse book.

Or I could try something new. What would you do?


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