Goals for the Week of Super-Crazy

If you’ve been reading my blog for any amount of time now, you know I don’t like change in my routine. This last week and this week are challenging for me, big time!

Last week, I had the conference (GREAT the first day, a bunch of sales pitches the second) and the dance and a meeting after school and I started tutoring instead of teaching music…lots of changes.

This week, even more, and my aunt and uncle from California are on their way but don’t know when exactly they’ll arrive. They’re in Phoenix visiting now, and since they’re in their RV, they can take their time. I hope they can stretch to the weekend because I Can Not take off this week. I’m so thankful I called the lady who cleans my house to come Monday, even though this isn’t her regular week!

I got my evaluation back, and there weren’t many notes, and what there were were very neutral. Still, I did okay, got a few “exceeds expectations.” It was chaos in there, so I’m happy.

1) Finish blessed novella. I can see the end in sight, I really can. And I should have my cover this week. It will need work when I’m done, but that, at this point, will be way easier than writing it. My brain has been so scattered I just can’t concentrate.

2) Write short story for an anthology–the deadline is March 1. The novella I’m writing started out to be for this, but it’s way too long now.

What? Not crazy? Just wait.

3) Inservice Monday until 4. The new super figures if we come in to work 15 minutes later than normal and have half an hour longer for lunch, we should stay until 4. Never mind that most teachers stay late EVERY DAY (not me, but…) Grrr.

4) I have to moderate a webinar after school on Wednesday. It’s like moderating a chat, I guess, only I’ll be speaking for everyone on my campus.

5) THEN after that I have to go to the board meeting to get my certificate for Teacher of the Year. Haven’t been to a board meeting since I filed a grievance on my old principal, so this will be different.

6) Thursday is a luncheon for the teachers of the year. Glad I know some of them 😉

7) Friday is testing. Again.

At some point between now and Spring Break I need to get to my boy in Austin and take him a real coat and buy him some boots or something. He’s going to Alaska for Spring Break and I worry he’ll be cold! Yes, I know he’s 21, but….


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Elisabeth Crisp / @crisplyspoken
    Feb 17, 2013 @ 10:27:39

    Congrats on teacher of the year! But it sounds to me like you are working too hard. Hope you get to have some fun, too.


  2. MJ
    Feb 19, 2013 @ 06:50:10

    Thanks, Elisabeth! I’m thinking once my aunt and uncle come, I can play a bit. Even my dreams were stressed last night!


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