Goals for the Week of Valentine’s Day

Last week was rough! Did the interview thing, had a depressing faculty meeting (I know, but usually our faculty meetings have humor. This…no.), monitored testing, got observed…did very little writing.

This week will be worse, and the following week….

So here’s what happened. Our STAAR scores were Not Good. So I’m going to suspend my music program for the STAAR grades and 2nd grade and tutor until the test at the end of April. It was my idea, and I hope I can make a difference, but it’s going to take a lot more work, especially this week. See, in music, I see each class once (if they’re lucky) and so I write 7 plans, one per grade level. I now need to write one a day, which means I need to come up with ideas. Lots and lots of them.

1) Write lesson plans.
2) TMEA conference Thursday thru Saturday.
3) Valentine dance (that I will leave TMEA early to come back to school for, but it’s my fundraiser.)
4) finish danged novella

Well, it doesn’t look so bad on paper, but I’m going to stress, especially Thursday.


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