Goals for the Week of a NEW BOOK!

So next weekend What (NOT) to Expect When You’re Expecting should be ready to go. So that’s exciting and something to look forward to, because the rest of the week is going to STIIIIINNNNNKKKKK.

1) Testing 2 days, only I’m not testing, but my classroom is being used for testing, so I’ll probably be a hall monitor. For FOUR HOURS a day. I hope I can bring my crochet.

2) At least one late day, at a technology meeting. Probably we’ll have a faculty meeting since we haven’t had one in awhile.

3) Get observed. Ugggggghhhhh. I was supposed to get observed last week but we ran out of time.

4) Rita judging

5) Finish a novella. Or…if not finish, come really close.

6) Um, maybe cook more. I only cooked once or twice last week. Bad Mary!


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