Goals the Week of MLK

I’m so behind on EVERYTHING. I’m editing my pregnant heroine novel, which needs to be to the formatter on January 31, I’m behind on reading my EIGHT Rita books, I’m WAY behind on that damned post-apoc novel. It is kicking my butt.

This week Hansel and Gretel comes out, and my crush on Jeremy Renner is strong enough that I must see it.


1) Read a Rita book or two.
2) Finish edits and send to formatter
3) Turn off the TV and WRITE.
4) LASIK follow-up
5) Use the crock-pot this week. Fred’s not a big fan, but I spend an hour and a half in the kitchen when I cook.
6) Get observed. (Not really a goal, but a stressor for sure.)
7) Go see Hansel and Gretel.

The boy might come home this weekend because it’s Baby Brother’s birthday, so that will be nice.


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