My Latest Time-Waster–TUMBLR

So I’ve had a Tumblr account for awhile. About a month ago, Trish mentioned that she was playing around on Tumblr with her latest obsession and so off I went. Since I can’t post pictures of my hero inspiration here anymore, I go crazy over there. Trish says she always knows when I’ve been there because a ton of Jeremy Renner pictures show up. I follow the Jeremy Renner tag and THAT’S where it gets interesting.

First of all, those girls are YOUNG. They’re always writing about their dad teasing them about their Jeremy Renner crush, or final exams, or something. It’s kind of adorable.

But what strikes me is how THIS would have been my place if the Internet had existed when I was a teenager. They write out their romantic fantasies with Jeremy (some in 2nd person, so, interesting), they share them with the fandom, they get asked for more.

When I was in high school, my friend Kirsten and I wrote out our crushes in spiral notebooks and passed them around. We had “characters”–I was Ramona Ramone, the sister of the Ramones (who I knew were not siblings). I don’t remember who her character was. Our other friend was Cora Q. Cool. We wrote about meeting Adam Ant and the Rolling Stones and Billy Idol.

So you see where Tumblr would have been my kind of place. I love visiting the site, not just for Jeremy pictures, but for the memory of who I was when I was their age.


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