Managing My Season Passes

So before I went back to work, I had ONE show on the TiVo I hadn’t watched. We had the TiVo to 63%, because we still have all the Walking Deads and Homelands and Fringes from this season on there, as well as Hurt Locker, Bourne Legacy and 28 Weeks Later (because of my Jeremy Renner obsession.)

By Friday night, the TiVo was up to 95% and I was stressed. The whole point of having a TiVo is NOT to be stressed, right? So I cut back. I deleted season passes to Revenge, How I Met Your Mother, Deception (was never going to get to watch anyway because it’s opposite 5-0 and Castle), 1600 Penn, Bunheads (I just don’t like Michelle.), Elementary (we’d started watching while everything was on hiatus) and something else I can’t remember. I just wasn’t excited about watching those shows anymore. I could probably let go of Chicago Fire, too. I like it, but am not as excited.

Shows I AM excited about? Downton (how did I forget how much I love that show??), Castle, Last Stand (I know it’s cancelled, but I’m still hooked), Justified and Haven.

Scandal is one that I’ll leave on the TiVo, and then when I watch it, I think, WHY DID I WAIT SO LONG?

I’m looking forward to Dallas’s return. I loved that show as a kid, and while it’s not as good–the cast was just sprawling before, lots of stories to follow–it’s a guilty pleasure.

And I’m watching The Unusuals on Amazon Prime streaming, thanks to my Jeremy Renner fixation. It’s pretty good, though not all that unusual.

What shows are you letting go? What shows excite you?


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