2012 in Books and Movies

Natalie Damschroder posted a blog enumerating how many books she read and movies she watched last year. She got the idea from me, but I didn’t keep track this year. After reading her post, though, I started thinking about it.

Words written: Right around 200,000. I didn’t keep the best count, but 4 novellas and 2 novels is about that.

Books read is easy, since I keep track on Goodreads. I read 77 start to finish. There were a number I started and quit, but I didn’t keep track.

Movies is another story. I THINK we saw 8 in the theater: Hunger Games, Avengers, Dark Knight, Prometheus, Spiderman, Life of Pi, Magic Mike and The Hobbit. Seems like there was another over the summer, but I don’t remember.

Netflix movies: 55. Wow, more than one a week. Add to that some I got from Amazon for free or on sale, probably another 5 or so. Bourne Legacy, Battleship, Seeking a Friend for the End of the World. I know there have been more but Amazon doesn’t keep track.

Series: Other than what was on live TV, I watched Game of Thrones Season 1, Downton Abbey, Defying Gravity, and whatever the last season of True Blood came out on DVD. There may have been more Netflix series in there.

So, hm. Maybe my resolution should be less movies/TV. But I love it so much!


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