Day After LASIK Day

Sooooo…..LASIK. Let’s just say not everyone has the same experience. For example, my brother (who is admittedly half my age) said he could see things come into focus immediately after surgery. Me, I felt like I was underwater until after my nap. I had to get Josh to show me which eye drops to use because I could see neither the paper nor the label.

Some people (my brother) don’t have pain. After my nap I was ready to claw my eyes out. You know the feeling when a contact isn’t in just right? That’s how it felt, only double that. The numbing drops they sent home worked for about a minute. Thank goodness I still had pain killers, so I took one of those and went back to sleep. In fact, I slept most of yesterday and all last night.

This morning I drove myself to the appointment because the counselor told me she had done. So I could see past the end of the car, the speedometer not so much. Add to that, I went to HEB (no reading glasses), Target (closed), and finally Walmart where I got reading glasses so I can see 2 feet in front of me. Went back to Target after the appt and got sunglasses. Let me tell you, I’ve not had sunglasses in years and when I finally get to buy them they’re these ugly 1970s Brigette Bardot glasses. WTH? I found some that looked like Tom Cruises’s from Risky Business. They’ll do for now.

So, bottom line? Still need glasses to see within 2 feet of me, which is pretty much where everything I do is. It may get better–they said I’m normal for one day post-procedure. But it’s not the miracle I was hoping for.


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  1. Elisabeth Crisp / @crisplyspoken
    Dec 22, 2012 @ 14:13:39

    I’m thinking about you. Feel better.


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