Finishing November

This week is a week of finishing. I’m finishing my NaNo project (which will need big revisions, lots of moving stuff around but I have the raw material and a good outline for revisions.) I have to write at least 7 pages a day to finish, and that’s a struggle during school. Heck, it was a struggle during vacation. Add to that, Fred’s on vacation, so while he’ll cook and give me time to write, I feel bad abandoning him on his vacation.

And I’m finally finishing 11-22-63. That’s right–almost 3 months of listening. I’ve taken a couple of weeks off to listen to music, but now I’m down to under 3 hours and so much is happening that I can’t listen to it fast enough!

I’m 5 books behind on my Goodreads goal of reading 80 books this year. I’m around 60 books–no way will I finish 80, unless I read a bunch of short ones between now and Christmas. I’m reading Shannon Stacey’s latest now (I’m so bad with titles that sound alike). I very very rarely read stories with single moms, especially single moms with teens. I’ll only read them by people whose books I love. I don’t know why it is. I just prefer singles finding love for the first time.


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