So it’s well-known among teachers that you can tell when the weather is going to change because the kids get hyper.

Well, I’m here to tell you it’s not just the kids. I’m nearly bouncing off the walls today (and I didn’t have THAT much caffeine!) In addition to the weather change, I’m excited about decorating for Christmas (though I don’t have a TREE yet!) and my son being home and the fact that my characters are being held hostage but I probably won’t be able to save them for HOURS.

So I’m jittery.

I didn’t do the Black Friday thing. Did you? I did get a new laser Brother printer online for $50. And my husband is going to Dick’s Sporting Goods. I did kinda want a real pine wreath for $5 but I slept until almost 8!

Now I’m going to see how quietly I can get out my Christmas decorations, since the boy is still sleeping.


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