Goals for the Last Week of the Crazy

I will be SO HAPPY Friday afternoon. So. Happy. When I asked to be music teacher, the one thing I dreaded was the Veteran’s Day program we put on for the district. It started out fairly small but now it’s a huge production. I started practicing with my choir the first week of school and we are STILL not ready. I’m seeing them every day this week to work on choreography.

The worst? I can’t wear jeans this week.

The one highlight? Fourth grade is going on a field trip, which means I don’t have lunch duty on Tuesday, AND I have the period after lunch free. Woot! Almost a 2 hour lunch! And during NaNoWriMo!

This week:

1) Practice for Vet Day program
2) Double check that I have buses for the formal rehearsal and the performance.
3) Get with the United Way people
4) Direct my children’s performance Friday morning.
5) Continue rocking on my NaNo story. I’ve met my goal every day so far, and am trying not to be envious of those who have 10K words ALREADY!
6) Straighten house
7) Call cleaning lady to come next week so I’ll have a nice house for vacation in 2 weeks.
8) Start rehearsing for Christmas concert. Not as nerve-wracking, though.
9) Start my recorder unit with my kids, which means digging out my 5th graders’ recorders from last year, matching up the numbers, and numbering the 4th graders’ recorders.
10) call the lady who invited my choir to sing at her store.
11) call the vet to get Kitty Boy fixed.
12) Go to an arts and crafts show with Mom and BB.


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