I went to school today thinking, normal day, just crazy kids who went to bed too late, who got to wear pjs to school. I debated wearing pajamas, but decided they did me no favors, so I wore a t-shirt and a knit skirt. Thank goodness, given what was to come! I stopped at Sonic and got a Route 44 Diet Coke (since I got up early and wrote 1000 words for NaNo). I got to school, went around to some teachers to get signatures on their United Way forms, and just happened to be in the office talking to the secretary. The principal came in and said she was going to double-check the United Way turn-in date. I had November 5 on my calendar, and she thought it was tomorrow.

It was today.

First thought–thank God I didn’t wear pajamas. I had brought home the paperwork and did a lot of it Halloween night, but I still had three buckets of coins from the penny drive that I needed to take to the bank. I hadn’t been able to go Tuesday because of a dentist appt and a faculty meeting Wednesday. So the principal canceled my classes and I raced to the bank. I spent an hour loading coins into the counting machine, then RACED to main office to turn it in. I still had paperwork to do. I got there, met with the district leader and….the United Way people weren’t there. They are coming…guess when?

Yup. Monday.

So I’m sitting with the district guy and he’s double-checking my math and….got called away. So all the rushing, and guess what I have to do?

Go back Monday.

So I left district office just around 11, thinking I can stop by McD’s and still get back for lunch duty at 11:30, because my duty partner had a substitute and I didn’t want to leave her alone the day after Halloween. AND the road was cut down to one lane. So I took the only alternate route I knew….and they were having brush pick-up on that road. Only one lane, big trucks.

THEN I get to school and there were SIX cop cars in front of the school! Apparently a custody thing, but holy crap! I get into the building and slide into the cafeteria at 11:27 (without my McD’s). So lunch duty, then lunch, then 2 classes, then practice for the Vet Day program. I’m SO TIRED! Still need 1000 more words. Already told Fred I’m not cooking.

I am, however, drinking.

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