Goals for the First Week of Crazy

So this week I have 2 days of inservice, the cleaning lady coming, a new dryer being delivered, a late night at school…and this week isn’t even as nuts as the next week!

1) Work on revisions on pregnant heroine story.
2) Do massive loads of laundry once we get the dryer.
3) Big grocery trip since we didn’t go last weekend.
4) Make a path in the garage so the delivery guys can deliver the dryer and get rid of the old one. And I mean old, it’s about 22 years old.
5) 2 days of inservice on autism
6) Parent night
7) Possibly a day of inservice on Saturday. I need 12 hours a year, outside of school time, but not sure I want to give up 8 hours on a Saturday.
8) Work on outline for NaNoWriMo book
9) Do a NaNoWriMo blog

I’m ready for an assistant!


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