Things I Learned During my Weekend at the Coast

1) You can make a whole outfit from discarded clothes–a pair of trunks here, a sock there, sweatshirts and random flip flops everywhere.

2) Kids make friends easily.

3) My Orly nail polish held up pretty well, sand and water.

4) You can build shoe days around sunrise and sunset.

5) Most women have body hang-ups. I wanted to hug some of them and tell them they were beautiful.

6) Some women don’t have any. Ahem.

7) Daddies and daughters are as fascinating to watch as fathers and sons. There’s such trust there, with the good daddies.

8) Kids need limits. I saw some kids time and again, and NEVER saw the parents.

9) ALWAYS take a jacket!

10) Quiet, unplugged time with the husband is good.


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