Goals for the Week of Columbus Day

We went to the coast this weekend, so this post is a little leave. Fred picked me up from school Friday and we headed out. We got there by 5:30, checked into our hotel RIGHT on the beach–have a beach view from our window and our balcony–and went for seafood on the water, where we watched the sun set. We came back and walked on the beach, but it was DARK. The moon wouldn’t rise for hours.

The next morning we went out a dawn and spread my mother-in-law’s ashes in the water. It was very emotional. It’s been 4 years, can you believe that? 4 years this weekend. We sat on the beach a long time after that, then went out to get breakfast, and snacks for later. When we returned, we rented a shade, you know, those things people use at arts and crafts shows, and a couple of chairs. We’d go from chairs o the water, chairs to water, until 5:30. I even napped a bit! It was surprisingly crowded for October, but it was a gorgeous day. The breeze was a bit cool, so I’d cover up now and again with a towel.

We went out for the BEST fish and chips I’ve ever had, bought a flashlight and did another evening walk, then stretched out on our towels and watched the stars. Some guy had a kite that lit up so it looked like a UFO. It was awesome!

Then this morning we got up early to find the cold front was blowing in, and the day was overcast. Still gorgeous, though. We ate breakfast at the hotel this time, overlooking the water, then walked BRIEFLY on the beach–quite chilly. Then we headed home, against the wind, to a grateful dog, who’d been outside last night.

So, goals this week:

1) Inservice tomorrow
2) Meeting Tuesday
3) Finish revising short story
4) Start revisions on the book I wrote this summer, based on my editor’s suggestions. Need it done by NaNoWriMo!
5) plot NaNoWriMo book
6) a guest blog or 2
7) EXERCISE. We were so bad this week about eating out. I think we ate home one night!
8) Catch up on TiVo–I’m a week behind on everything. My TiVo is at 98% capacity! And bunches of new shows are on tonight, including the 2 hour season finale of Hell on Wheels.

No time for sewing, though, and my recipes this week will be tried and true!


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