The TV Season So Far: The Great, the Meh, the Undecided

So, the first week of the TV season is done and I’ve got winners and some on the chopping block.

Chopping Block:

Glee. Bor.Ing. I loved loved loved the new girl whose mom is the cafeteria lady, but she’s not on much and everything else is just boring and self-indulgent. When Beauty and the Beast premiers, I think I’ll drop this one.

Grey’s Anatomy. Recycled storylines and too much angst. We’ve had the surgeon with the hand trauma already and the people recovering from yet ANOTHER tragedy. Also, no more Lexi and Mark, who I loved.

Ben and Kate. EW said this was one of the best new shows, about a brother and sister living together and raising her daughter, but I thought it was meh and the brother was just…loud.


Castle. Nice job of carrying both the big mystery forward and the big romance 🙂 Funny seeing Beckett acting romantic though.

Last Resort. This story about a submarine crew who refuses a firing order and is chased down for it played like a movie. No idea how they’ll make it a series, but….I’ll be watching.

Modern Family. Laughed until I cried at the stuffed animals on the car, cried at the end.

Fringe. I admit, not my favorite series, but the dh loves it. I was sucked into the season premier set in the future, where Peter and Olivia’s daughter is grown. I loved their wonder as they watched their adult daughter take up the mantle.

The New Normal. This show makes me cry more than laugh, but I love love love it.

Haven. Now THAT is a love triangle. That’s all I’m saying.


Vegas. I’m not a police procedural fan, but I was intrigued by the setting, Las Vegas in the 50s-60s (not sure.) Jason O’Mara is in it, and I like the byplay between Dennis Quaid and Carrie Ann Moss. It’s interesting to see the procedures they use, things that had become cliche, but we don’t see anymore because of technological advances.

The Middle. We used to LOVE this show, but the writing felt flat during the season premiere.

Big Bang Theory. I used to love that one, too, and it’s still good, but once Vampire Diaries comes back….

Still good:

Hawaii 5-0. I liked the season premiere for the most part. I liked the mom, liked that McGarrett called Katherine to guard his mother (though maybe I didn’t. Is she trained for hand-to-hand combat? I mean, she kicked some ass, but…also, why put the woman he loves in such obvious danger?) I did NOT like the beginning for obvious emotional reasons, wondered why they put so many windows in a safe house and why all the bad guys dressed the same.

So what have you watched and loved? Watched and decided to dump?

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Deborah N
    Sep 29, 2012 @ 06:58:35

    Wow, I so agree with you on Glee. I am not liking the shift from high school to following the crew in NY. The show has definitely lost its momentum. Love the new girl! I think she sings way better than Rachel.

    I still like Grey’s, but I was disappointed with the premiere. I actually really liked “Ben & Kate”. Maybe give it another look?

    I really should give Castle another chance. I watched a couple of episodes a while ago, but it was “meh” for me.

    Revolution is on the chopping block for me. The second episode was full of teenage rebellion, angst, and petulance. Isn’t that fun for entertainment? Not!

    Partners was horrible!

    I can’t wait for Nashville!

    Did you see the premiere of The Mindy Project? It was pretty good, but I’m hoping it’s not just going to be about how her life has no meaning without a man.

    Lots of good premieres this weekend: Revenge, Homeland, Once Upon a Time, and 666 Park Avenue. : D


  2. mjfredrick
    Sep 29, 2012 @ 07:04:43

    I haven’t seen the second Revolution yet. It reairs tonight, so we’ll catch it then. I didn’t see the Mindy Project because she just annoyed me so much on The Office.

    I’m looking forward to all the same ones you are, plus Arrow and Beauty and the Beast!

    I’ll give Ben and Kate another look because I liked the girl who played Kate. And it’s on either before or after Raising Hope, which we love.


  3. barbaraphinney
    Sep 29, 2012 @ 07:59:31

    Watched Grimm again, and it’s still good. Can’t wait for Once Upon a Time again. I love Last Resort, though I found some of it a bit unbelievable. I’ll still watch it. excellent acting. I’m watching Lie to me On Netflix.


  4. Mary Curry
    Sep 30, 2012 @ 10:07:04

    Funny, I’m okay with Glee. Probably because I watch it on Hulu while I’m cooking. Love the new girl.

    Revolution lost me some in the middle of the pilot, but then the end was intriguing. I felt the same way about episode two. Sort of a bombshell at the end so I’m wondering how that will play out. The whole computer in the attic thing reminds me of JERICHO with the computer in the basement. Looks like the same computer but maybe that’s because I don’t know anything about computer programming language.

    So excited for Once Upon a Time tonight. I’m also anticipating Nashville, but I have the feeling it will be either great or awful.


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