Stephen King and the Evil of Audio Books

That picture isn’t completely true, but the picture is hilarious.

I joined Audible so I could listen to 11-22-63, the gigantic Stephen King tome.It’s 30 hours, broken into 5 parts. I’ve been listening over a week and I’m still on the first part.I have an hour commute a day! (I figure I’ll be done at the end of October.) Anyway, his world-building is fabulous, and I really enjoy it.


We’re at the point when the main character is facing his first goal in the past, and….I’d totally be flipping pages now to see what happens. THREE TIMES I’ve arrived at my destination in suspense of what’s going to happen. That’s over an hour of OMG, just let it happen already!

Ordinarily I love audio books but right now…

What else is interesting is that he’s referencing his own story “It” in the book. 11-22-63 takes place in the same time period, apparently just after “It.” So now I want to see the movie. I never watched it because, you know, clowns. But now I have it on my DVD queue and my TiVo wish list.

Do you like audio books? Have you read 11-22-63? It’s going to make me crazy, isn’t it?


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  1. Mia Downing
    Sep 27, 2012 @ 08:04:36

    DH is a HUGE SK fan. He says in one of the books (and it may be that one) he references EVERYTHING. Right down to the beginning stuff. So you’ll have to open the eyes for more references. And BTW, that penguin is my DH. LOL


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