Fall Favorites in Texas

Another idea stolen from Romance Bandits. Ahem.

So it’s officially fall, though here in Texas we don’t really feel it until the end of October. We’re just happy the mornings are in the 60s and the afternoons are low 90s.

But I love fall anyway. Why?

1) The colors. Not the trees, because, hey, this is Texas. We may have an occasional red oak turn red, but mostly it goes from green to brown, especially after a hot summer like this. No, I like the fall fashion colors, the maroons and burnt oranges and browns. I may still be wearing short sleeves, but the colors are fall.

2) Pumpkins. Not real pumpkins yet, because they’d rot or melt or whatever, but wooden pumpkins, woven ones, I have a lot of pumpkins I use to decorate.

3) The scents. You know, the cinnamon brooms they have when you walk in the grocery store, the pumpkin spice candles, the aroma of cooking apples. Those scents.

4) Cooler nights and mornings, which means I can open the sun roof for the first time since May. Windows too.

5) New TV! Nothing cozier than curling up under a blanket (because we’re still running the AC) with popcorn or baked apples and a Diet Coke and watching new TV shows!


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