My Traveling Bucket List

My husband and I are trying to decide where we want to go on vacation next year. I thought we’d already decided to go back to Washington state and spend some time along the coast, see Mount St. Helen’s and Mt. Ranier, since the cloud deck was too low to see either on our last trip. But now he’s talking about the other side of the country, and since I’m listening to 11-22-63, I’m on board.

So we’re thinking of places we’d like to see, all still up in the air right now.

1) Go back to Washington State.
2) Go back to the Grand Canyon.
3) Go back to New Orleans. I’m sure it will be different without a 10-year-old in tow 🙂
4) Go to Yellowstone.
5) Go to Maine/Vermont.
6) Go to Colorado.
7) Santa Fe.
8) Marfa.
9) Palo Duro Canyon.
10) South Dakota, where Laura Ingalls lived (this is more me than him, if you didn’t guess.) We thought maybe we could fit Deadwood into this trip, too.
11) Hawaii.
12) Alaska. (These two are on the bottom because of travel time involved.)

What about you? What is on your traveling bucket list?

Also, if you’re on Twitter, check out the Carina Press feed. I’m in charge this week, and I’m tweeting about TV 🙂



1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Elisabeth Crisp / @crisplyspoken
    Sep 24, 2012 @ 08:31:54

    I read 11/22/63. Loved it. Santa Fe is our home away from home. I recommend it.


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