Goals for the Last Week of September

I’m the Twitter host for Carina Press this week and I’m crazy nervous about it. The guidelines say not to overwhelm, and to retweet and to promote new releases and to engage replies, only…I’ll be working. I had asked to be scheduled in the summer, but it didn’t work out that way. So I’m going to do my best, and try to discuss the new TV season, and pre-schedule comments, and check in at lunch and after school.

This week, at least, is calm as far as school goes.

1) Technology meeting after school one day
2) Work on new series.
3) Be better about eating home–last week we ate out 3 days out of 5.
4) Find something more exciting for lunch. Tired of salads already.
5) Be an excellent Twitter host for Carina 🙂
6) Work on a couple of guest posts
7) Sew something. I haven’t finished anything I’ll wear in weeks!


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