Glee, The New Normal and Revolution

So, just when I thought I was going to turn my back on Glee and let it slide, they introduced the new girl, the cafeteria lady’s daughter. LOVE her. Also love Blain. And still love Kurt’s dad. SOBBED when Kurt left. SOBBED when he met up with Rachel.

I started watching The New Normal because the book I finished at the end of summer has a similar plot. I absolutely love it. Cried during the first episode also. Ellen Barkin is hilarious as the bigoted grandmother (I know, that sounds weird). The couple is so sweet, the daughter is adorable. I love it.

I’m watching Revolution because I have this post-apoc I’ve been trying to write for years and I’m interested in shows/books/movies about it. I was not particularly drawn to it–too much happened in a short amount of time, there were too many coincidences and like my husband said, where did the make-up come from? I’ll keep watching on demand, and record Hawaii 5-0 instead.

Watched anything new? What did you think? I’m excited because my TiVo To-Do list goes into October now. I love October!


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  1. Jody W.
    Sep 18, 2012 @ 19:11:06

    I thought everyone in Revolution did look very clean and well-tended despite of the 15 year absence of modern conveniences. It also made me think of the SM Stirling SF novel “Dies the Fire” (start of a series, but can be read alone). Similar premise with laws of nature switching and electricity disappearing, if you’re interested!


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