Goals for the Week of Duty and Meetings

I color-code my 4-month calendar (best $20 I ever spent) by school events, family events, and writing. School is green, family blue, writing red. I have a LOT of green this week.

See, I volunteered to lead the United Way drive at my school. I’ve done it in the past but things have changed and…anyway. Last week I went to the coordinator meeting and they were all like, “We’ll come talk to your people for you! Just ask us!” I’m relieved, because I get nervous speaking. Then my principal is, “Let’s get the meeting done Tuesday!” No one can come speak Tuesday, so I will do it. I outlined it and everything but am still nervous, esp. since we don’t usually have meetings on Tuesday and people are grumbly. I want to get them out quickly. So that’s my stress for the week.


1) Prepare for United Way meeting and have meeting
2) breakfast duty
3) Food Bank volunteering
4) Work on expanding Very Short story into novella
5) Sew something

I’m going to not stress about cooking this week because last week I did and nothing went as planned. So this week, if we have ingredients to cook, we’ll eat in. If not, we’ll eat out!


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