Channing Tatum Movies

Okay, if you’ve read my blog for any amount of time, you know I glom on movies when I get a new movie crush. So I’ve watched a LOT of Channing Tatum movies the past few weeks. I’m going to let you know which ones are worth the time and which aren’t.

She’s the Man–I had never seen this movie about the girl, Amanda Bynes, who disguises herself as a boy to get on a soccer team. I never would have watched it, either, if not for CT. I ended up buying it. It was pretty adorable. Some goofy bits, of course, but kinda sweet.

Step Up–This was on TV a few weeks ago and I just left it on the TiVo. I watch it every Saturday night after Fred goes to sleep. There’s one part that I HATE, but for the most part I love it. On the verge of buying it, too.

Stop Loss–Probably my favorite, but I won’t buy it. It’s very sad, but the performances are incredible, and I love that most of it is set in Texas. It’s about two best friends who serve in Iraq together. They return to Texas to a hero’s welcome, though both plan to get out of the military. Only one friend is stop-lossed, meaning the Army keeps him in. He goes AWOL. Great movie. Not one you can watch a lot, though. Also, a movie with a dance scene and he doesn’t dance!!!

Public Enemy–I saw this the first time a couple of years ago. It was good. Channing Tatum is in it about 3 minutes, no kidding. He’s Pretty Boy Floyd.

Battle in Seattle–About riots in Seattle a few years back, also has Martin Henderson. Horrid violent movie.

GI Joe–I’ve seen it a couple of times. Very silly.

Dear John–Okay, I resisted seeing this one because it’s Nicholas Sparks, I think. But I ended up buying it. (Okay, I bought it for the surf scenes. It was $8. Totally worth it.)

The Son of No One–TERRIBLE TERRIBLE TERRIBLE movie. Do not even bother. Slowest hour and a half movie ever. Also, the mustache. EWW!

The Vow–I could have liked this one so much more without Rachel Adams. I don’t know why she bugs me so much. Anyway, she’s lost her memory, doesn’t remember CT is her husband. Just go with it, girl!

21 Jump Street–saw this before my crush, but will watch again when it comes on premium channels this month. Really crude with some funny bits. My son likes to quote Ice Cube. I personally liked the “overconfidence” scene when CT was in science class. Cracked me up.

Next up is Haywire, but I think he’s only in that for a minute, too. Thank goodness for Netflix streaming!

I’ve decided I like him best where he can show some charm. I love watching his interviews because he’s adorable. Not all of his movies allow that.


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  1. Mia Downing
    Sep 05, 2012 @ 06:32:29

    My kids have seen She’s the Man. I had no clue that was CT! Is Dear John worth seeing? I just love the song that’s in it by Snow Patrol. Not a NS fan, at all.


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