Chit Chat

I stole this idea from Romance Bandits, kinda to replace my Favorites.

Listening to

The Magic Mike sound track.


Joss Ware’s latest post-apocalyptic book, Night Forbidden. I’ve been so tired, though, it’s only a couple of pages at a time!


School. Sewing. Channing Tatum.


We’ve been re-watching Defying Gravity, a canceled series that had been on ABC, I think. It’s about a group of astronauts on a mission through the solar system, and their colleagues back on Earth. There are two couples with history on the space ship, and one of those women is married to the man who was supposed to be the commander but he got sick and is back on Earth. Anyway, very Grey’s Anatomy in Space.

Looking forward to

Cooler weather (it’s already in the 80s when I leave for work before 7 AM!), visiting the boy in Austin, the new TV season, The Avengers on DVD.


Fried chicken. I’m trying to be good about eating at home, but I can’t make that one just right!

Racquet Club


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