Good First Week

I know I’ve been quiet this week, lol! I’ve been WIPED! I’ve worked on revisions, but that’s IT. But it was a good first week and I’m really excited about this year. I have some classes that will be a challenge, but I have a stronger discipline plan that seems to be working. I started a choir and we met for the first time yesterday. There are way more kids than I anticipated, including 3 boys. Having my planning period first thing in the morning is an adjustment–used to be last–but the day goes by fairly quickly. Next week my lessons will be more varied, so I may be more stressed, but I’m excited, too. I’m wondering if it’s just that I’ve done this before, I’m more prepared–not sure. But I’m having fun.

Now to figure out how NOT to collapse when I get home. I did cook most nights, but nothing too complicated. But I hope I can start having enough energy to sew a bit every night.

Channing Tatum 2


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