Goals for the First Week with the Students

Seriously, the first week is ROUGH. I wish it could be the second week already, just so everything is smoothed out.

I’m actually ready. Like, really ready. I feel good about this school year, focused. Tomorrow, though, I’ll be in the gym with Coach so we can go over the rules together. Will be HOT, and I miss dressing up on the first day 🙂

Josh is settling in, I guess. I forgot to get him a shower curtain, so he had to go get one, but forgot the hooks. He has friends up there, so is hanging out with them.

This week:

1) Get on a schedule, feeding the critters and everything, getting dinner, fitting in exercise and revisions.
2) Write a query and synopsis and finish revising the last chapter.
3) Faculty meeting
4) Work on revisions on novella.
5) sew a blouse. I plan to do a step a day.

I think that’s good for now 😉


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