Goals the Week of Back to Work and The Boy Moving Out

I know I posted this picture last week, but this caption is apt for what I’m feeling this week!

First goal: Try not to cry at the drop of a hat!

So it’s over, my summer vacation. No more sitting in the sun room on my couch, alternating writing and pinning, with the occasional game of solitaire. This week I can still go out to lunch, then it’s back to whatever I can eat in half an hour. No more quiet mornings. No more naps. I never did have a movie day, though I had a couple of reading days.

I’m going to have to remember to feed the critters before I leave, since Josh won’t be around after Thursday. I have to figure out how to fit exercise in.

I will get to listen to audio books, and I’ll see my friends and fix up my room. I’ll work out what I’m teaching the first couple of weeks. Once I get through the first couple of weeks, it comes easier.

So, goals:

1) finish novella
2) fix nails, plan outfits, change purse
3) make home cooked meals for the boy the next few nights
4) work through revisions on novel
5) work on the dress I cut out
6) figure out lesson plans
7) get room ready
8) exercise
9) any last minute stuff Josh needs me to do before he leaves

This week will be a rough one. I’m hoping the writing can distract me.

Actor Channing Tatum at The Cosmopolitan Grand Opening and New Year's Eve Celebration


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