Yes, it’s the last Friday of summer vacation. Yes, I didn’t get nearly as much done as I planned.

But I’m weepy because a week from today, The Boy is moving out. He’ll be heading to the dorm at UT, which is an hour away, not terrible, but my stomach is in knots and all I want to do is cry. This has been an on-and-off thing for a couple of weeks. I think he’s as prepared as I can make him. Actually, I think if he could move today he would.

I worry that he’ll have trouble adjusting to the big campus, to having a roommate he’s never met, to being a little fish in a big pond. I worry he won’t eat right (not that he’ll eat junk food, but that he won’t get enough protein on his vegetarian diet.) I’m only a little worried he won’t take it seriously enough, because he did have trouble getting in, and this is his dream school. I worry he won’t get an internship at the paper. I worry because our bank doesn’t have a branch in Austin and I don’t know how to transfer money into his account until he can get a job.

I try to tell myself it won’t be bad for me–I won’t lie awake waiting to hear him come home. I won’t have to worry about making vegetarian dishes (MEAT!). He wasn’t home a lot last semester, or even the beginning of the summer, but the past month since his girlfriend left, we’ve had lunch and dinner together almost every day. It might have been easier if we hadn’t.

So in addition to going back to work next week, I’ll be quietly (and maybe not so quietly) freaking out that my one and only baby is leaving the nest.

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  1. Elisabeth Crisp / @crisplyspoken
    Aug 17, 2012 @ 11:53:38

    The day I left for college, my dad told my mom. “This is what we’ve been working for all these years–to send her off to take care of herself. It’s cruel, but you’ve done your work. It’s her turn.”

    I’m sure you’ve done a great job. And he’ll always be your baby.


  2. Pam
    Aug 17, 2012 @ 14:54:33

    It’s hard sending them off, even if it’s only an hour away. But he will learn to take care of himself, and you’ll be amazed at the changes. Check to see if the school has a card you can send money to. Some do. I used to charge up my kids’ laundry cards and food cards as needed. Or set up an account at your bank that you can put money in and give him the debit card to it. Most schools now also have full vegetarian menus in their cafeterias and Austin has many, many vegetarian restaurants and menu options, so he should be fine. ((((Mary))))

    Pam–who’s glad she’s done with most of all that


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