What Would The Junk Gypsies Do?

My mom told me about this show I should watch called Junk Gypsies on HGTV (I think.) It’s about these 2 sisters who are interior designers, but they get most of their finds from thrift stores and repurpose them, like turning a motorcycle gas tank into a light fixture. Anyway, I LOVE this show. The sisters are from Texas, and while some of their decorations are something I’d never use, I love watching them come up with ideas. Also, I think they dress cool, and they’re very handy, though sometimes they get their dad and some others to pitch in. And I love the way they meet with the client, then go out to eat while they make their plan. They do a LOT of advertising for local businesses like those restaurants and other stores. One episode, they went to Texas Trash and Treasures, who had a booth at the King William Fair.

Anyway, I’ve been wanting to reorganize my guest room, which really is more of a project storage room. I have printed out manuscripts and other writing paraphernalia, and all of my sewing and other project stuff. I don’t have enough room in there, with the full-sized bed. I feel so scattered lately and I think part of it is that I have too many projects in too many places.

Last year when I was painting the wall in the living room, I moved the DVD case and it broke. For some reason, Fred kept part of it, and I started to throw it out last week, but stopped myself. Only one side was damaged, and it had lots of storage space, so I put it in the middle room, not sure where I was going to put it. Yesterday when I was thrifting with my mom, my inner question was, “What would the Junk Gypsies do?” I knew I didn’t have room to spread out so I had to spread UP.

I didn’t find anything at the stores, but when I came home, I thought about putting the DVD case on top of the desk. I don’t sit there anyway, and it doesn’t take as much space as I expected. So I cleaned off (and out) my desk, put the case on top, and filled in the cubbies.








I’d had a bulletin board behind it, and it had some old OLD contest announcements, etc., on it. I took it down, thought about how the Junk Gypsies made a cute framed bulletin board and put inspirational stuff on it. I dug out a smaller bulletin board (not framed) and put inspirational stuff on it and hung it over where I’m storing my fabric and patterns.


Last, I put a bookshelf in there and put some of my projects on it. I just remembered I have some more in the pantry. Ahem.



I still need to get in the closet and clean the floor, but it’s much MUCH better than it was. Maybe now I can focus on getting things done and not be so scattered.


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