My Charms, Let Me Show You Them

Apparently this is my week for stealing blog post ideas. Robyn Dehart posted about her charm bracelet earlier this week. Because of her, I have a charm bracelet for my books, so I thought I’d share it.

My favorite charm, a haunted house representing A Ghost of a Doubt. You can ALMOST see the little ghost inside!

The Africa charm is for Don’t Look Back, the firefighter charm is for Hot Shot and Where There’s Smoke and the Ranger charm is for Breaking Daylight. The rhino is for the very first book I finished but will never sell. The truck could also be for Breaking Daylight.

A charm for my first and third Golden Hearts, with a scuba diver for Beneath the Surface between them.

Texas for Sunrise Over Texas, the coffeepot for Something to Talk About and the Penguin for Midnight Sun. I thought I had a better picture of the rodeo one, but it’s for Bull by the Horns.

My second and third Golden Hearts.

Okay, hm, that doesn’t seem like all of my books. After reading Robyn’s post, I bought a Minnesota state charm for my Bluestone books and an airplane for Three Days, Two Nights. Still…someone doesn’t have a charm. Huh. I’m missing one for Road Signs, one for Guarded Hearts and one for Star Power. Must remedy that.

I want an Austin state capital for Guarded Hearts, a lighthouse for Star Power and….wonder if I can get a classic car for Road Signs?

I have a few extra charms on my bracelet–vampire fangs for the vampire hunter book I wrote. I haven’t worked out just what’s wrong with that book, though. I have a police badge for a couple of stories I wrote early early on. I have a Space Needle for the first NaNoWriMo book I wrote. I have my Duel on the Delta pistols and a computer and a camel. Why a camel? A long time ago on the eHarlequin boards, someone said writing a book is like crossing the desert, and being published was different only in that now you have a camel. So when I got published, I bought a camel!

Okay, off to see what charms I can find. Do you have something to commemorate your books?

I finished my rough draft yesterday–whew! My first full-length book to write this year. Now I’m going to revise ten pages a day while working on another novella.Welcome, Henry.


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  1. Lucy Francis
    Jul 18, 2012 @ 11:37:00

    What a cool idea! I love the charm bracelet!


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