Nope, Don’t Like That, MJ Edition

So yesterday Trish had a post on Romance Bandits about things she doesn’t like. I’ve been friends with her for almost a decade and had no idea about some of these things. (A dishwasher? How can you hate something that does work for you AND hides your dishes?)

Then I tried to think of things that most people like that I do not.

1) spaghetti sauce. Any red sauce, really, which leaves out lasagna and most Italian food. I like tomatoes, I won’t eat a burger without ketchup, but not spaghetti sauce. No idea why.

2) pork. No pork chops, pork loin, very rarely sausage. I do like bacon.

3) Olives. Bleh.

4) Reality TV. I see the appeal, even see how it can be addictive, but I get too invested and my person gets voted off and…yeah, who needs it?

5) Shopping. Oh, I can spend money with the best of them, and on the occasion that I do go shopping, I enjoy myself. But too often it’s overwhelming–too many choices, too many people.

6) Mustard. Will have most restaurants swap it for mayo.

7) German chocolate cake. We had a TON of groom’s cake leftover after our wedding and froze it and whenever we were broke and wanted sweets, we’d take some out of the freezer and eat it. I cannot eat it every again.

8) Shrimp. Too chewy 😦

9) ground meat (except in burgers). Can’t stand the way it smells when it’s cooking. That leaves off meatloaf, btw.

What are some things you don’t like that everyone else seems to love? I concentrated on food but there are so many other things…used to be driving until I got my Mini 🙂

I am so close to the end….


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