Goals for the Week of the Batman Party

My son is having some friends over on Thursday to watch the first two Nolan Batman movies before they head to the theater for the midnight show. He’s been planning this for months, has a menu worked out (Two-Face Pizza, Bane Burgers, Mr. Freeze-cicles…all Batman-themed) and even has party favors. So, Thursday’s shot. The husband and I decided we’ll go see Spiderman that evening to get out of their way, but still….

Saturday my cleaning lady is coming for her first trip. She works another job, so Saturday is the only long day she has. So another day shot. I will NOT be able to work while she’s here.

Today we’re having the family birthday party for Josh, but at my mom’s. My SIL has a scooter chair while she’s recovering from foot surgery and she’d never be able to get around my house on it. So my mom’s cleaning, doing the main dishes…I have very little prep.

The teachers want to go to a winery on Tuesday but I think I’m going to have to beg off. I just can’t lose another day this week.

So, it’s a busy week. I have 5 weeks left of summer vacation and I’m not doing well on my goals.

Big goal: finish craft room

Pinterest goal: jewelry and magnets

  2. Celebrate Josh’s birthday.
  3. Judge 2 PYHIAB entries.
  4. Day with Mom.
  5. Straighten the house and clean the bathrooms for the party and so the cleaning lady won’t think we’re complete pigs.
  6. I would really like to sew something too but I don’t know if that will happen.
  7. Spiderman movie


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