My Honeymoon–25 Years Late–Oregon

Another great breakfast, then headed north on 101. We had completely underestimated our travel time, unaware of the winding roads and low speed limits. We did have great views on this part of the drive, including redwoods and ocean. We saw a sign about Elk Meadow, and pulled off. We walked around a bit looking for a view, then saw them as we were driving out. The people in the RV behind us climbed up on top of the RV and said they saw a lot. I only saw 2, and from a safe distance.


A gorgeous rest stop north of Eureka, complete with redwoods!

We saw 2 elk about a quarter mile from this sign.

Again we had lunch at McD’s, this time at lunch, and drove and drove and drove, finally crossing into Oregon around 1 PM.

The speed limit was quite a lot lower in Oregon, but the road was straight for a long time, until we started climbing up into the mountains. And what gorgeous mountains they were, but Fred was exhausted driving up and down, and was glad to get to Willamette Valley, which looked a lot like the drive into Houston.


The plan was to stay in Portland, then do some shopping in the morning before heading to Seattle, but by the time we reached the restaurant, we were too unimpressed. We ate dinner at Shari’s (really sweet little waitress) and went to bed.


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