My Honeymoon–25 Years Late–Monday

DISCLAIMER: To any friends and family, please forgive us for not contacting you when we were on the West Coast. This was our first trip by ourselves, and we didn’t have a schedule.

To celebrate our 25th anniversary, Fred and I decided to take our honeymoon. See, when we married, we were young, stupid and broke. I remember we went to the coast one day in his Dasher, but it was January, and we didn’t have money to stay the night, so no honeymoon.

This January we celebrated our 25th anniversary and decided to go on a trip. The original plan was to go to the Grand Canyon and stay at El Tovar on the rim, but I went back to school on Jan. 2, and would have had to take too many days off for that to happen. So we decided to wait until summer.

We toyed with the idea of Hawaii, but Fred has really wanted to go back to San Francisco since we spent an afternoon there 16 years ago on the way to my cousin’s wedding. I let him plan the trip, which started in San Fran and ended in Seattle.

We flew into San Francisco on Monday afternoon, arriving at the hotel by cab just after 1. We’d decided not to rent a car right away since Fred didn’t want to drive in San Fran and we didn’t want to pay extra for parking. We stayed at the Comfort Inn by the Bay, the most affordable closest to the Fisherman’s Wharf. It was too early to check in, so we left our bags there and walked down to the Wharf. It was gorgeous that day, and people were playing in the water. We walked past them to the crazy busy wharf, which was kind of like the Tower of Babel, So many people from so many places. We took it all in, and ate at Boudin’s because I wanted a view of the Bay and I wanted clam chowder in a bread bowl. I also had a mojito that was so strong I almost fell asleep at the table. We walked down to Pier 39, full of shops, and bought some salt water taffy and some souvenirs, then walked back to the hotel to check in.

Okay, the hotel was maybe 6 blocks, but uphill! I’m from Texas, we don’t have hills. By the time we got back to the hotel, we were so tired, and still on Texas time. The hotel room was NOT pretty. It was old and small, but it had a view of the Golden Gate Bridge through a dirty window. We’d paid extra for the view, so looked out as much as possible 🙂

We didn’t even eat supper, but fell asleep around 8.

Tomorrow–Chinatown 🙂


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