Goals for the Week of Fourth of July

My traveling is over for the summer. While it was fun and I saw lots of new things and missed the worst of the heat wave,I’m so happy to have the next 7 weeks home.

Main goal: Clean guest room

Pinterest goal: necklaces/magnets

1) My main goal is to write. A lot. Every day. I signed up for Camp NaNoWriMo in June and totally tanked. So I want this book done by my son’s 21st birthday. Let’s make the goal 12K for the week.

2) Next big one: get the house in order. It is in post-vacation, leave son on his own disaster mode. I will take one room a day.

3) Third big one: EXERCISE. Nothing like walking all over the west to find how out of shape you are.

4) Big grocery trip

5) Cook every day except 4th of July, including one bread from scratch and one dessert from scratch.

6) Breakfast with BB before he leaves on HIS travels.

7) winery tour with teacher friends? They may be changing the date.

Okay, I declare that plenty 🙂


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