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You may be wondering where I’ve been….went to Minnesota over the weekend with the guys and it was not as relaxing as usual. Plus I’m having a hard time getting in the swing of things, I have a sick cat (YaYa) and all this nervous energy. I’m not writing, my house is a mess…but I’ve spent today doing projects while waiting for the vet.

First, I finished my “batik” shirt. You start with a white shirt, draw a design with blue Elmer’s glue (not sure why blue, but the directions were specific and neither Walmart nor Walgreens had it. Found it at JoAnn’s.) You let the design dry completely (I drew it yesterday morning and dyed it this morning, so just about 20 hours.) Then you dye it. Since I have a front-loader, I dyed it in the sink with about half a bottle. And I got this!

Then I printed out some silhouettes from the internet, traced them on freezer paper (probably could have printed straight on the freezer paper), cut it out. Then you IRON it, shiny side down, onto a t-shirt.

Then you place a piece of cardboard inside the shirt, protect the work area (I went outside) and fill a spray bottle with a bleach solution (70% bleach and 30% water). Let it sit for 20 minutes and….I thought the purple would work faster, but the gray showed up RIGHT away. I already had both shirts, so no risk here.

The tree didn’t come out well–I think I didn’t iron it firmly enough, because I didn’t have the same problem with the dragonfly, which also has narrow pieces. So I traced it. Not sure if I’ll fill it in or not.

THEN the other day I’d made these shorts. I mean, I had the shorts, the spray fabric dye was on sale, I thought, what the heck. Okay, NEVER NEVER NEVER buy that damned Simply Spray. Okay, when it works, it’s GREAT. When it doesn’t work, which the red didn’t and I had to take it back, it is awful.

So I made the shorts before my trip (need to hem them), then decided to try this:

Not gorgeous, but cute.


THEN I decided, since I bought a roll of 150 ft of freezer paper, to try to print on burlap. I’d seen it on Pinterest, so I ironed freezer paper on the burlap, cut it to 8×11 and ran it through.

It didn’t work with my ink jet, but it did with my laser printer. Yay! Now, what to do with them?



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