So I Didn’t Tell Y’all About Friday

So Friday morning I was sitting on my couch looking at Pinterest (my friend Susan wants to do a Pinterest project party so I can show her how to do things and I was finding things I’d like to show her) when my mom called. We hadn’t managed to get together yet and she said, “Let’s go today.”

Now neither one of us are last minute people but I said yes. So I RAN to get dressed because she was already on her way. I fed all the animals and she came in to visit Luna-tic. Then we went to pick up my step-dad and their dog Moose and we headed out of town. The plan was to go to the new Buc-ees in New Braunfels, take my step-dad and Moose to their land in the country, eat, then head into the small town of Geronimo, which is on the highway  and has 4 antique shops.

We looked around Buc-ees for awhile and I bought a Texas flag tote/purse that will be perfect for carrying my laptop and Nook on vacation. We got breakfast food and headed out to their land. Mom and I were in the travel trailer settling down to eat when my step-dad poked his head in. He’d found something curled up and wanted us to see.

Well, curled up, what do you think it was? A rattler!! Just a little one, four or five buttons, we counted later, and curled up as flat as could be right next to one of the rocks. It was so still we thought it was dead, but when my step-dad tried to move it with the shovel, well, there it went. He chopped it up into a few pieces and then buried it because we were worried Moose and my uncle’s dog Hope would get it. I was shaking when we went back to eat breakfast.

But then we went shopping. I already had ideas what I wanted–a Coca Cola crate, and maybe some colored glass. At the first stop, I found a Coca Cola crate with the compartments for only $25. The one I’d seen online was $22, no compartments, and $20 shipping! So I snatched up this one. I also found some flour sacks for $8 each, and a burlap sack with printing for $12. Turned out the textiles were 35% off, too. We went to another antique store after that, but as nice as it was, nothing I wanted. The third antique store wasn’t open yet, so we went into Seguin to the Goodwill, where I found a green glass bottle and a wire basket for 99 cents each.

Our next stop was Green Gate Nursery. Honestly, you Texas people, that place is worth the drive. GORGEOUS plants, grown there on site, and GOOD prices. I bought a huge rose mallow hibiscus, the ones that have flowers as big as your face, for $6.50, and 2 portulaca and a lavender plant for $1 each.

THEN we went to the best antique store I’ve ever seen– Glory B’s on Highway 123 in Geronimo. OMG, y’all. Her theme is shabby chic, and she had so many textiles and glass and silver and EVERYTHING. You could barely move in the place, but we were there a long time, soaking it in. I bought an apothecary jar, 2 little bell jars and a small wire basket for $17. (She doesn’t do credit cards, though, something to remember for next time.)

After that, Mom was tired and kinda hungry, so we went back to pick up my step-dad and went to Clear Springs Cafe in New Braunfels. Best. Onion rings. Ever. Great catfish, too. I felt kinda guilty about not eating with my husband and son, but it all worked out 🙂

We went back to the land to get the dog, then back to Buc-ees to get Fred a shirt, then home. A fun but tiring day!


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  1. Jean
    Jun 25, 2012 @ 11:32:24

    I keep driving by the Buc-ees. Someday, I oughttostop. In and see what all the ruckus is about.

    Timbo’s. You must try Timbo’s. Best burgers, onion rings, and salads. Happy hour 2-5. Miller High Life on tap for $1.00 a glass. Barb is awesome.


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