Goals for the FIRST WEEK of Summer Vacation–Whoo-hoo!


After ten months of being in a room with no window….this is me!

Last night I had the TV to myself because both the guys were out. I watched This Means War and two episodes of Magic City (which I don’t like but JDM is in it, so…) Then I went to bed and finished reading The Next Always by Nora. Loved it!  Also loved staying up so late, lol!

So, this week:

Big project: Kitchen drawers

Pinterest project: paint knife block, yoga skirt and maybe scrapbook paper necklaces

  1. Format  Bluestone 2 for print
  2. 14,000 words on new book
  3. Revise 7 chapters of last book
  4. Winery trip with Mary, Mary and Susan 🙂
  5. Brother’s birthday party today
  6. Day with Mom
  7. Walk every day.
  8. Cook, and make bread twice.
  9. Clean


The sooner I can get in a routine, the better.


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