Last Wednesday of School–the Big Projects

I have a few big projects I want to knock out this summer. Some are bigger than others, and I’ll likely be doing them on my own. These are my non-writing goals.

1) Redo kitchen drawers. I have 13 kitchen drawers. One has eating utensils, 2 have cooking utensils, 2 are junk drawers, one’s a barbecue drawer, 2 have kitchen linens….I need to rearrange because I need more space for my measuring cups, etc.

2) Redo laundry room, and part of garage. This will be a big one. I need a new shelf over the area where I hang clothes, I would like to paint the wall, and maybe a shutter to put in there to hang things on.

3) paint furniture. My grandfather made these cabinets out of paneling but they’re quite dark. I want to paint them lighter, and maybe add script or something.

4) redo guest room. Mostly it’s my store-my-craft room. It’s a mess. This is a priority.


1) Format the last two Bluestone books for print.

2) Write an entire novel, including edits.

3) Write 2 novellas.

First, revisions on this one!


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Lucy Francis
    May 30, 2012 @ 08:15:12

    Sounds like your summer will fly with all that on your list. Good luck with everything! I haven’t dared put my official list together yet, it might scare me, LOL.


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