The Winner of Nina Pierce’s Book….and My Surprise

Alicia Street, you’ve won Nina’s book! Contact my at Mfechter @ gmail .com and I’ll get you set up.


So I came home from the talent show WIPED out yesterday. Josh and Jolene popped out of his room and leaned on the counter, looking at me expectantly. It was REALLY hot and I was thinking they were going to tell me the AC was out. Then they led me to the back room and peered behind the bookshelf. I thought maybe one of the cats was sick and hiding and I was going to have to keep my dress and wedges on and go to the vet.

But no, behind the cabinet was this:


They’d gone to the vet and this little one was there. She’d been adopted but no one had come to pick her up. Josh and Jolene thought I’d want her since I was sad about my baby kitty, so they got her for me. Josh said he gravitated toward the kitten area there, and he’s never actually picked out a cat before–all the others are rescues. This one is incredibly hyper–I haven’t seen her sleep yet. She’s rough, and the only one who hasn’t hissed at her is my big boy Napoleon, who is 7. He actually plays with her. We got out the cat tree, which she loves, but have to close her in the back room for now. This isn’t ideal since Mama Kitty also has to be in the back room (due to her habit of peeing on expensive things), but Mama Kitty can go out once it’s light.

I was actually thinking about getting a puppy….

So, I am officially….




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