Countdown Commences

Who are we kidding? You know I’ve been counting down since Spring Break! But 5 more days with the kids. Today’s the talent show, and I want to be anywhere else but school, so…here are some of the places I want to go on summer vacation.

1) IKEA. Mom, my stepdad and BB went one weekend and they LOVED it. It’s in Round Rock, on the other side of Austin from here, so over an hour each way, plus also huge. I’ve been in the one in Houston, but only for a short time.

2) Fredericksburg. I’m always so inspired when I go there!

3) the beach. I need to go to the beach, sit in the sand, hear the waves. Would love to do a long weekend.

4) Minnesota. Definitely going there for a long weekend.

5) Geronimo. There’s a little town near my folks’ property that has cute little antique shops. Want to hit them.

6) Meemaw’s Bakery. There’s a little bakery not far from here, but when they’re open, I’m at school. Don’t know if they’re good or not. Want to find out.

7) Walmart. I know, that sounds weird, but I hardly ever go to Walmart. For some reason I go more in the summer, so going to Walmart means summer to me.

8) The new Bucee’s in New Braunfels. My folks have been a few times already, and I’ve never been. I want to see what the fuss is about!

I am so close to the end of this book, but come home wiped out. So going to see what I can get done now…


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