Free Books–Good or Bad?

I know, it seems weird that free books could possibly be bad, but that’s the discussion going on at one of my loops right now. Authors are offering their books for free, leading to a glut of free books and people won’t spend money to buy books that aren’t free.


I’m guilty of both. Midnight Sun is currently free on Amazon (and in the top 20 overall) and I have hundreds of books on my Nook. BUT I’m still buying books. I tend not to tweet or Facebook about books that aren’t free, because dang, I already do a lot of retweeting. But I do still buy books, like the new Nora and the Robyn Carr book that I’d already bought but couldn’t unlock, and the dozens of books I’ve bought to replace the paperbacks on my shelf. I’ve bought indie books if they appeal to me, and I’ve bought books of friends to support them.

What I do worry about when it comes to free books is the expectation that an author will make all of her books free at one point. I know one author who has only been self-publishing a few months and already has made both of her books free. I at least waited until Midnight Sun had been out 9 months.

I’ve also wondered if that’s why I’m not getting as many comments on my Indie Wednesdays, because why comment for a chance to win the book when more than likely, it’s going to go free sooner or later?

But overall, I don’t see free books as a bad thing. I just wish I had more time to read them!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Lucy Francis
    May 07, 2012 @ 10:22:35

    I love free books. They let me discover authors I might not have noticed or taken the chance on otherwise. When I find one that I like, I proceed to buy everything in the author’s backlist. In fact, I find I buy far more books now than ever before, even with all the free books available.


  2. flchen1
    May 07, 2012 @ 19:28:35

    Hmm… in general, I do admit that I love a free book–and like you, sometimes they just inspire me to buy more 🙂 I have a zillion books, but haven’t stopped buying them or picking up some free ones (I am slightly more selective now since I don’t want to pick something up if there isn’t a chance I’ll ever read it!) 🙂


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